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Legrand podna kutija
  • Legrand podna kutija

Legrand podna kutija

69,03 KM
s PDV-om Dostava 24-48h
Legrand podna kutija,baza za beton, 10/12M,
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Legrand is a world leader in its field, with offices and subsidiaries in more than 60 countries and sales in close to 180 countries. Globally, Legrand holds 19% of the wiring devices market and 15% of the cable management market. Under the floor, on the walls, in the ceiling… Legrand is everywhere, providing much more than just products… providing solutions. Solutions for any electrical installation, whatever the size, whatever the application. Solutions born out of a structured production process to ensure quality and safety every time. Design, manufacturing, testing and support… each of these elements are integrated to form the complete Legrand offer.
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